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The Future of Ripening

EcoRipe proprietary VFD motors with integrated fan blades deliver maximum energy efficiency. Complete control is available through our control system to maximize energy efficiency and savings.

Design & Build Ripening Rooms

Design & Build Ripening Rooms

With more than 3,000 Ripening Rooms Designed & Constructed to Date, trust the industry's most experienced provider.

Ripening Rooms are built to last using the highest quality materials

Ripening Rooms are designed to minimize maintenance costs over the life of the room.


EcoRipe Features


MAXIMUM ENERGY EFFICIENCY - Specialized EC motors produce the right amount of CFM per commodity at a low energy cost to the owner. 

TURN-KEY PACKAGE Dade Service delivers the owner Ripening Rooms ready to go! We handle the design, build, proof-out and everything in between. 

LOW MAINTENANCE - Rooms are built to last using only the highest quality materials. With over 60+ years of experience we know exactly which materials will stand the test of time.

REMOTE ACCESS - Ripening rooms can be controlled and monitored remotely through our DASERCO App via any IOS or Android device.

DATA LOGGING - All data points are stored and logged on the app and can be retrieved for up to 1 year

HYGENIC DESIGN - All equipment, walls and racking are provided with food safe finishes. Interior room walls and ceilings are free of closures and obstructions to allow for easier cleaning.

CONSTRUCTION - Dade Service rooms are built by Dade Service personnel. We don't subcontract out the all the work like other competitors. This allows us to control each room is built exactly to our specification.

WARRANTY - EcoRipe Rooms come with a 1 year unconditional warranty. We stand behind our product, always have and always will!

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